A few words from our CEO

Next Generation Dialogue has offices in Sweden and Norway. Since it`s inception in 2012, they have developed a strong presence in these markets.

Today we have approx. 800 customers who trust us daily to plan, develop and implement digital campaigns where the goal is brand building, customer loyalty,  and leads generation.

Who we are and what we do

As a forward-looking technology company, it is still the people and our culture that are paramount to us. By taking care of human well-being, increasing internal competence with engaging leadership, ng//dialogue is driven forward. And every day it is you, as customers who are the motivating factor for progress and further development.

With one system, you as a customer have access to a wide range of digital tools that will simplify existing systems on several platforms. Regardless of size or industry, you will handle the entire customer journey efficiently and easily from start to finish.

By using our expertise in technology and system development, our software creates unique and user-friendly systems so that you as a company can more easily follow the customer journey from becoming a customer, to be a loyal ambassador.

Our Core values:

Honesty means that we are trustworthy and sincere in everything we do. Everyone should show that we are worthy of the trust we have from our customers. With honesty as a consistent value in everything we do, we achieve high integrity both towards customers, partners, and colleagues.

Lean forward.
We shall always be a forward-looking partner where everyone is concerned with delivering good experiences, achievements and results to customers and partners.

Solution oriented
We always find solutions for our customers that simplify their everyday lives and help them have a good experience of us as a supplier.

Our customers, partners and colleagues must always be able to trust that the decision we make is the right one for each individual case.

NG Dialogue
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